Flexiko s.r.o. - production and sale of Czech Flexible shoes

Flexiko CZ s.r.o.

The company specializes in production of quality czech stitchdown shoes. Company produces casual stitchdown shoes as well as working shoes and this type of shoes has certification according to the purpose or use.

Our advantages: traditional production - czech product - own development - professional service - product quality - certification - special technology - footwear made to order - shoes in extra large sizes / 48-50 /


PF 2018

Vloženo: 20 December 2017 | Přečteno: 1727 x

Vážení a milí, po celý nový rok přejeme…

Obuli jsme firmu Fliegl

Vloženo: 12 October 2016 | Přečteno: 4600 x

Obuli jsme firmu Fliegl na veletrh v Hannoveru.…

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